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  • FAQ

    What comes with The Tooth Diary?

    • One doll, either Jax (blue) or Dol (pink)
    • 20 removable Tooth Fairy tubes
    • 1 Pencil and 30 sheets of Tooth Diary stationary 

    My child is kind of a big boy. Will his fallen tooth fit inside these little tubes?

    Yes, we've tested the Fairy Tubes with teeth of all size to make sure of this.

    What if my child looses one of the tubes during play?

    No worries. Email us and we'd be happy to send you additional tubes.

    How do you get the tooth and paper into the tube?

    Your child will first open the tube and place their fallen tooth in the top of the tube. They will then close the tube, and use the included pencil to roll up the paper note. They then insert the paper into the tube through the hole in the bottom.

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